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7 Bead Black Onyx Chakra Bracelet


Our 7 Bead Black Onyx Chakra Bracelet also comes with affirmation cards to help you set positive intentions and manifest your desires. And with the addition of 7 chakra gemstones, this bracelet is a powerful tool for balancing and aligning your chakras. The gemstones included are Heart Gemstone – Green Calcite, Throat Gemstone, – Aquamarine, Crown Gemstone – Amethyst, Sacral Gemstone – Carnelian, Root Gemstone – Red Jasper, Solar Plexus Gemstone – Citrine, Third Eye Gemstone – Lapis Lazuli


7 Bead Black Onyx Chakra Bracelet. Experience the power of genuine crystals with our 7 Bead Black Onyx Chakra Bracelet. Each bead is carefully selected and handcrafted to create a unique and powerful piece of jewelry. Use it for meditation, prayer, yoga, or simply to balance your mind, body, and spirit.

The beads are made from Grade A+ black onyx, known for their ability to produce vibrations of strength, focus, protection, and willpower. It creates a shield around your aura, preventing negative energy from attaching itself to you. This makes it one of the greatest protection stones. The bead size is 8mm, making it comfortable to wear and easy to incorporate into your daily routine. And because we believe in the power of customization, each bracelet is handmade and custom-made to fit your wrist size perfectly.

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Weight3 oz
Dimensions4 × 4 × 4 in
Wrist Size

Small, Medium, Large


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