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7 Bead Lava Rock Chakra Bracelet


Adorning this 7 Bead White Lava Rock Chakra Bracelet as a personal amplifier, courtesy of Clear Quartz`s remarkable ability to magnify your intentions manifold—an unseen force bolstering your endeavors. Envision slipping on this bracelet before meditation or yoga practice to enhance focus and awareness or incorporating it into daily wear as a statement piece that silently speaks volumes about one`s commitment to personal well-being. Included within its circlet are seven Chakra gemstones: Heart Gemstone– Green Calcite nurturing emotional balance; Throat Gemstone, Aquamarine aiding articulate communication; Crown Gemstone – Amethyst encouraging mental clarity; Sacral Gemstone – Carnelian fueling creativity; Root Gemstone – Red Jasper grounding energy flows; Solar Plexus Gemstone, Citrine fostering self-confidence and Third Eye Gemstone – Lapis Lazuli enhancing intuition.


Harmonize Your Essence with the 7 Bead Lava Rock Chakra Bracelet.  Immerse yourself in a journey of tranquility and equilibrium with the 7 Beaded White Lava Rock Chakra Bracelet, where every detail is meticulously fashioned to correspond with your proportions. Embrace the tactile essence of genuine Grade A+ gemstones, each bead measuring an ideal 8 mm across—curated not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their reputed spiritual attributes.

The white lava rock at the core serves as a foundation stone imparting strength and fortitude. Its porous nature makes it an impeccable companion for those who seek solace in aromatherapy; simply imbue it with your chosen essential oils and allow the subtle fragrance to accompany you throughout your day.

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Weight3 oz
Dimensions4 × 4 × 4 in
Wrist Size

Small, Medium, Large


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