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Migraine Crystal Bracelet


Introducing our Migraine Crystal Bracelet, a remarkable conduit to infuse the mystical energy of crystals into your daily life. Crafted meticulously by hand, each bracelet is uniquely tailored with Grade A+ authentic amethyst, lapis lazuli, selenite, rose quartz, and angelite crystals, all elegantly fashioned into 8mm beads.

To enhance your experience, our bracelet is accompanied by crystal information cards, providing you with profound insights into the historical significance and contemporary applications of these precious gems across diverse cultures. Delve into the rich tapestry of knowledge and unravel the profound wisdom behind the utilization of these crystals throughout the ages.


Introducing the Migraine Crystal Bracelet, meticulously handcrafted and custom-made with genuine Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Selenite, Rose Quartz, and Angelite Crystals. Each bead is of the highest quality, graded A+, and measures 8mm in size. To enhance your crystal experience, crystal information cards are thoughtfully included.

Throughout history, these crystals have been revered and utilized by various cultures for their remarkable properties. Let us delve into their profound effects, both in the past and present. Selenite, renowned for its ability to induce tranquility and inner peace, is believed to have a calming effect on the mind and body. Its serene energy swiftly brings about a sense of serenity and harmony. Amethyst, on the other hand, is said to dispel energy blockages, allowing for the free flow of positive energy. This exquisite crystal has been cherished for centuries for its ability to promote spiritual growth and clarity. Lapis Lazuli, a stone revered for its captivating deep blue hue, is believed to restore balance within the mind, body, and soul. Its soothing properties help to alleviate any imbalances and foster a sense of equilibrium. Angelite, known for its calming influence, aids in relieving stress and tension. By keeping you in a state of tranquility, this crystal allows for a more peaceful and centered existence. Rose Quartz, with its gentle and nurturing energy, is believed to alleviate fatigue, tension, and stress. This exquisite crystal works harmoniously to restore emotional balance and promote self-love and compassion. Hematite, one of the most potent grounding stones, serves as a reminder that anything you desire is within your reach. Its powerful energy encourages determination and perseverance, empowering you to achieve your goals. Clear Quartz, an amplifying stone of unparalleled beauty, magnifies the intentions you infuse into it. With its ability to enhance energy and focus, this crystal ensures that your intentions manifest tenfold.

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Weight3 oz
Dimensions4 × 4 × 4 in
Wrist Size

Ex Small 6", Small 6.5", Medium 7", Large 7.5", Ex Large 8"


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