Racing Thoughts Gemstone Bracelet


Racing Thoughts Gemstone Bracelet

Throughout history, these crystals have been revered and cherished by various cultures.

Charoite, is a true stress-buster that can work wonders in promoting restful sleep.

Kunzite is the “Master Stone of The Heart.” This extraordinary gem acts as a shield against negative energy, allowing only positivity and love to flow through your being. Embrace the transformative power of Kunzite and watch as your life becomes a beacon of joy and harmony.

Lepidolite, the calming gemstone, is your go-to companion when tranquility and serenity are in order.

And then we have Hematite, the ultimate symbol of determination and achievement. This remarkable crystal serves as a constant reminder that anything you desire is within your reach. With Hematite by your side, you’ll be unstoppable in pursuing your dreams and turning them into reality.

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Weight3 oz
Dimensions4 × 4 × 4 in
Wrist Size

Ex Small 6", Small 6.5", Medium 7", Large 7.5", Ex Large 8"


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